December 12, 2012

Christmas lunch (Julefrokost)

More than one month before Christmas Danes start to organize Christmas lunches (Julefrokost), Christmas parties where they meet with friends. Parties usually begin soon in the afternoon.

I attended the Christmas lunch organized by Odense Couch surfers. Party took place in a flat of the organizer and started in the late afternoon. I met there approximately 15 new people. Most of them were Danes, but there were people from Greenland, Portugal or Greece. Party was mainly about food and we were eating for four hours.

We started with the fried fish fillet with bread, continued with roasted meat, ris alamande (rice pudding with cherry sauce) and fried danish pancakes æbleskiver. We were drinking Christmas beer and snaps (akvavit).

Skål! That is the Danish word for "Cheers!" Legend says that the word come from the Vikings who drank from skulls of their enemies. It is only a legend but who knows?

Roasted meat