March 17, 2013

Running in wind and snow

Today I took part in the Stige Ø Off Road run. We ran 10 kilometres around the Stige island north of Odense. We ran through the narrow paths over the mounds on the island. It snowed yesterday and in addition very strong wind had been blowing from the early morning. Terrible weather for being outside.

On the start there were approximately 60 competitors. We ran 3 rounds, 10 kilemetres in total. The running track was still up and down. At first we ran up the highest hill, 30 metres above the sea level and then down to the level of the sea to the forest.

There were some suprises for us like crawling under the net or jumping over the ditch. My time was 65 minutes. The winner had a time around 40 minutes. Wind was so strong that it dropped us off our bikes on the way home.

Lucky number 77