January 28, 2013

Supermarkets in Denmark

Ads from mostly all supermarkets in Odense landed in our post box. It is an opportunity to introduce them to you.
We have 11 different supermarkets here in Odense. The biggest are Bilka, Føtex, Kvickly and Eurospar, they are similar size as Globus and Tesco in Czech Republic.
Middle size are SuperBrugsen, Fakta and Irma, they are classic supermarkets like Albert or Billa in Czech. Discounts are Lidl, Netto, Rema 1000 and Aldi. Lidl is the most different of them. It offers the most similar goods to that I know from Czech. 
Lidl, Føtex, Rema 1000, Eurospar, Bilka, Aldi, Fakta, Netto,SuperBrugsen...