November 21, 2012

Ano Šéfe! in Danish way

This weekend I watched an episode of Ano, Šéfe! Czech version of Kitchen Nightmares, a British cookery reality show. In this episode from year 2010, Chef helps the restaurant in a romantic castle in South Bohemia. The restaurant has Danish owners and Danish guests. Owners would like to invite Czech guests as well, but nobody comes.

Episode perfectly shows the difference between Czech and Danish culture and eating habits. Sandwiches or salads for the lunch are not interesting for Czech people. Prices are twice as high as in Czech restaurants and behavior of owners is reserved at the beginning of the film. It looks very hard to combine the restaurant to for Czech and Danish guests.
Two episodes of the series are still worth seeing. You can see the first episode and the second episode on YouTube in Czech language. 

Pulling of the fallow-deer in Denmark.