November 10, 2012

Arrival and CPR number

I am freelance building engineer from Czech Republic. I moved to Odense in Denmark for one year and in this blog you can follow my experience with this northern viking country. I will write about buildings, culture and differences between Czech Republic and Denmark. So enjoy my blog spots :o).

I moved to Denmark a few weeks ago. First what I needed was CPR number and residence permit.
CPR number is an identification number of every person in Denmark who lives here for more than 3 months.

Similar number in Czech Republic is called "Rodné číslo" but these are generated differently. In Denmark CPR-number has wider use than "Rodné číslo". CPR-number is used for the whole communication with authorities. Process of gaining the permit and CPR-number was very fast, it took around one hour. So now I have two identifications numbers.

First visit of Odense centre