November 23, 2012

How I haven´t bought a bike in the Auction

In Denmark people use a bike as the main means of transport. I planned to buy one as well. To buy a cheap bike I visited auction of "lost and found" bikes in Odense.

In the Auction house there were around 50 bicycles and 100 auctioneers. Auctioneers were of all ages and nationalities. But bikes didn´t look very reliably. They were standing side by side and one had no chance to try them.

The announced price for each bike was 50 Kr. The price of first bikes increased fast and the final bid was higher than 1200 Kr. (Exchange rate is approximately 7,4 Kr for 1 Euro). By the time successful auctioneers left and the final bid dropped to half of the fist bid. At the end of auction everything was auctioned off, including a bike without a seat.

I left on foot. Instead of a pig in a poke I decided to buy a bike directly from the owner. I was successful at the end and now I have good bike and cheaper than from the auction. 

The first auctioned bike.