November 28, 2012

Biking in the rain

It often rains in Denmark, but it doesn´t discourage Danes from riding a bike. Now the moment came when also I needed to ride a bike in the dark and in the rain.

It had already been raining for several hours when I first time took on my new waterproof clothes. Journey went well until I needed to stop at a red light at the crossroads. In the cycle track there was a large and a probably 5 cm deep puddle. I felt like a ship when I tried to land on the edge of the pavement and don´t step into the puddle. 

Gusts of wind were another unpleasant surprise for me. They sometimes tried to tumble me off the bike. Thanks to waterproof clothes only my shoes were wet when I arrived home.
Now I understand why some Danes wear rainboots when they ride a bike. The lesson for the next time: Take waterproof boots and the waterproof cover of a backpack when riding a bike.

Bike and waterproof clothes